by Tevet

The most efficient solution for dairy farms wastewater treatment

The superior performance of Claritech is validated in dozens of successful references


Tevet Water Technologies is a leading expert in physical-chemical based wastewater treatment. Tevet provides its customers with a state of the art, best in class, plug & play solution at an affordable price.

Claritech by Tevet is the most efficient solution for dairy farm effluent treatment. Based on in-depth knowledge of dairy farms, the milking process and the variations throughout the seasons.
With dozens of successful installations and a long list of satisfied customers, Claritech is the optimal solution to address the effluent treatment needs of dairy farms, efficiently and reliably.

Tevet’s solution is cost efficient
Has a very small physical footprint
it requires very little maintenance
access to a full cycle of efficiently treated waste water.


Clarithech by Tevet Water Technologies is a pre-treatment process for dairy farms effluents, prior to discharge to the municipal sewage system ot to a further biological treatment.

Most of the contaminants load in dairy farms effluents, is particulate. Claritech utilises an advanced physicochemical process, based on: coagulation, flocculation, and filtration, to remove virtually all the solids from the effluent, resulting in a very clear effluent.

Claritech removal efficiency:

  • 95% solids (TSS)
  • 80% organics (COD)
  • 60% Nitrogen (TN)
  • 95% Phosphorous (TP)

Claritech Features and Benefits

  • Removal of most of the contaminants load from the effluent, including nitrogen and phosphorous
  • No odour, noise or other environmental nuisance
  • No methane or other greenhouse gas emission
  • Compact size and small footprint, less than 30m2
  • Remotely controlled, fully automated system
  • High reliability, very low maintenance requirements
  • Piled residual sludge is dewatered, enabling low-cost, long-distance hauling without further drying process
  • Rapid installation, typically in one day
  • Construction permit is not required in most of the cases


Claritech Product Line
Claritech is offered in a variety of sizes and applications. All systems are modular and can be scaled to any size of dairy farm.


Years of experience
Effluent of milking cows treated
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Tevet  Full Service – Peace of Mind

Claritech is remotely controlled and fully automated.  It features:

  • Real-time fault messages
  • Majority of faults are addressed remotely
  • Remote updates of the control software
  • Cloud storage of system’s parameters and performance

Tevet offers its customers a choice of several service packages, from remote control to a full operation service, including performance guarantee.

Claritech plants are equipped with advanced instruments and controls, from closed loop effluent turbidity control, through smart cameras for process control. The smart cameras include image processing unit  with artificial intelligence algorithms, ensuring efficient and trouble free operation.